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What is Popular in Singapore: 5 Ecommerce Websites You Should Know About

Here are the best and most popular ecommerce websites in Singapore you should know about before launching your own store and start selling!


One average millennial buyer can visit a boutique store, purchase the items he needs, buy the necessary groceries and all without leaving the home. The days when we were afraid of online shopping are behind us. With the help of top websites builders and marketplaces such as eBay and Amazon, the world of ecommerce was born.

If you are interested in launching your own online store in Singapore to sell your products online, you should know what is popular there.

Here are the best and most popular ecommerce websites in Singapore you should know about:

  • HonestBee: This is one of the most popular stores for online grocery shopping & delivery. This store cooperates with concierge shoppers, local supermarkets, and freelance runners so it can promise same-day delivery. The design of the store is simple and clear, offering its visitors a nice look at what the store has to offer.
  • HipVan: Buying furniture online can be a complicated process, but this website allows you to browse through bar stools, sofa beds, and much more at affordable prices. This website helps you find the right item in a matter of minutes. The navigation is simple and helpful.
  • Carousell: If you are interested in selling online in Singapore, this is the best place to start. This is one of the most visited marketplaces. The interface of the site displays photos by sellers and “likes” to feature the popularity of the items. There is an option to connect sellers and buyers in an open market.
  • Books Actually: This is an independent online bookstore. The collection of books includes some pretty amazing and unique titles. The website is specially designed to match the appreciation for art and with categories like Vintage Books, Math Paper Press, and etc. you can easily find the title you are looking for.
  • Zalora: One of the best fashion-related ecommerce sites. This store is marketed towards younger people and you can find trendy and chic brands. They offer 30-day return (free of charge) in case you’ve mistaken the measurements. The navigation is great, it is designed for customers to find what they need without asking.

Now that you know what’s popular and what is selling in Singapore, you can build your own online store using an ecommerce websites builder and start selling!